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I enjoy chopping, challenging and collaging my life experiences into bold, colourful and playful mixed media work. I love taking abstract and seemingly unrelated concepts and attempting to weave them into a spiderweb of connections to create really unusual insights and cool ideas.

I work quick and fast and am spurred on by an intense curiosity and love for humans. I have experience in performance, event management and facilitation, social research, video production and editing, social media management, branding and textile crafts. * deep breath * I am currently exploring animation, 3D modeling and collage and practicing being authentic and mindful.

I have my hands in many pies okay!

I have lived in Japan, started a handmade business straight out of school and worked with many local councils to create diverse, inclusive and safe community spaces for children and young people.

I am spontaneous and excited to dive headfirst into my next challenge. I love problem solving and learning on the go so I am keen to get my hands dirty and phalanges moving.